Output – CURVE – Final Report: repository scope

Title: JISC Final Report – CURVE

Page: 8

Summary of contents:
“In terms of lessons learnt as a project team, we have been surprised that users have come up with all sorts of things to use the repository for that had not occurred to us. Whilst some of these uses clearly fell within the spirit and scope of the CURVE project, others did not. At this stage it was very helpful to have an already developed policy on the scope of the repository to refer to, and the decision to develop such a policy early in the life of the project proved a good one. In particular some people wanted to use CURVE as a document storage system (for example for administrative documents, committee minutes etc), which Equella software is not designed for and cuts across the idea of CURVE being an academic asset. In addition our strategy is that CURVE should be open as possible, and openness is not always possible with administrative documents.”

Illustration of clash between software functionality, user expectations, and institutional policy (project scope). No pair of these encapsulates the full problem but illustration of the importance of having a clear policy.

Date Released: August 2008

URI for Output: http://cuba.coventry.ac.uk/curve/files/2008/10/curve_final_report.doc