Project – EIDeR

Project Name: Enhanced ingest to digital e-research repositories (EIDeR)

Programme Name:Repositories and Preservation

Strand:Interoperability Demonstrators

JISC Project URI:

Project URI: no URL available at present

Start Date:1 April 2008

End Date:1 March 2009

Governance:JISC integrated environment committee

Contact Name and Role: Karen Stanton, Russell Burke, Vijay Albuquerque (King’s College London)

Brief project description: EIDeR aims to develop a demonstrator that implements enhanced deposit and ingest for institutional repositories (IRs). The demonstrator will not be a production system however,
it will be implemented within a real-life repository environment at KCL, and the implementation will address genuine needs, in particular by reducing the need for manual intervention and providing a more streamlined deposit process.

Name of Trawler:Mahendra Mahey

Output:No Outputs available as yet
Suggested outputs might include:

  • Detailed scenarios and use cases for enhanced ingest
  • Examination of services and tools that may be used to support this functionality
  • Create a demonstrator integrating these services to implement the identified workflows
  • Evaluate the results of the project, and in particular the extent to which the available services and tools, and associated standards, support the requirements

Specific deliverables:

  • demonstrator system
  • case study
  • shorter report co-authored with the CRIG Support Team
  • e-Framework components, including detailed scenarios, SUMs, Service Expressions