Project – SHERPA Romeo

Project Name:

Short Project Name: SHERPA Romeo

Programme Name: Digital Repositories Programme (2005-2007)


JISC Project URI:

Project URI:

Start Date:March 2006

End Date:June 2007


Contact Name and Role:Bill Hubbard

Brief project description:

The Sherpa RoMEO site offers information about publishers’ policies with respect to self-archiving pre-print and post-print research papers.  The current funding stream supports the following activities:

· scoping and setting up a strand of work, within the proposed interim repository, to maintain and develop the Sherpa/RoMEO database;
· maintaining the Sherpa/RoMEO database journal-level information;
· developing the Sherpa/RoMEO database to indicate which journals have policies that allow authors to deposit their papers in accordance with the Wellcome Trust Grant conditions.’

Name of Trawler: Mahendra Mahey

Outputs: (just link to individual output postings) as a bulleted list

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