Output- CURVE – Policies: overview

Title: CURVE Purpose and Content Policies

Pages: all

Date Released: unknown

URI for Output: http://cuba.coventry.ac.uk/curve/files/2008/05/ir-content-policyv1.doc

Summary of contents:
The document defines policies for the repository. These include:
Collection scope: Research outputs , Learning objects, Digitized collections
Storage scope: some material types are not stored in the repository (licensing reasons or better functionality offered elsewhere)
Poliices in line with OpenDOAR’s suggested areas: metadata, data, content, submission, preservation, take-down

This provides a useful example of a set of policies to address issues in managing the repository


Output – CURVE – Final Report: Interoperabilty

Title: JISC Final Report – CURVE

Page: 8- 10

Summary of contents:
As a result of the project interoperability and / or integration between a number of systems at Coventry has been achieved/

These systems include:
p2 “the learning and teaching environment, library systems, the e-research environment and access/authentication systems”
“Proven integration of information systems: CUOnline, Talis List, Equella, Aleph across the institution.” p8

Interoperability with CV system:
“The task of linking to CUCV, the Coventry University research database of academic CVs, qualifications, publications and research activity did not prove to be a problem as it is a web-based product and it contains field entries both for DOI and URL which easily allow linking to both internal and external repositories. The real issue identified was the lack of appropriate reference types within CUCV to store outputs from the creative areas. ” [lack of reference types is discipline wide]

“There was also no problem in linking Curve to ResearchNet, the University‚Äôs web presence for research activity. We have chosen not to do this at the moment due to the concern about the potential harm caused by citation splitting referred to earlier.”

Demonstration of successful joining up of a multitude of institutional systems/ infrastructure with a repository.

Date Released: August 2008

URI for Output: http://cuba.coventry.ac.uk/curve/files/2008/10/curve_final_report.doc