Project – The Depot

Project Name: The Depot

Programme Name: Repositories and Preservation Programme

Strand: Information Environment

JISC Project URI:

Project URI:

Start Date: 1st August 2006

End Date: 31st March 2009

Governance: RPAG

Contact Name and Role: Bill Hubbard, Project Manager

Brief project description:

“The Depot is a JISC support service, launched in June 2007 with the specific task of ensuring that all in the UK research community can benefit from making their published papers available under Open Access, and helping maximise readership of their work. The Depot is OAI-compliant, allowing deposited e-prints to be ‘harvested’ by search engines across the world.”

The Depot offers two services:

  1. a re-direct service, with the Depot acting as a gateway, especially to repositories at UK universities (institutional repositories)
  2. a deposit service for e-prints, with the Depot acting as a national repository for researchers not yet having an institutional repository in which to deposit their papers, articles, and book chapters (e-prints).


Output – AIR – Integrated AIR System

Output Name: Output -AIR – Integrated AIR System

Title: AIR – Integrated AIR System

Date Released: project completion date March 2009

URI for Output:not available as yet – likely to be

Summary of contents:

AIR Integrated AIR System.


Output – AIR – Stand-alone web crawler flexible for different applications

Output Name: Output – Automated Archiving for an Institutional Repository (AIR)-
Stand-alone web crawler flexible for different applications

Title: Stand-alone web crawler flexible for different applications
Number of pages or page numbers: n/a

Date Released:not available as yet

URI for Output:not available

Summary of contents:

Additonal information:

Project – NTU

An institutional repository for Nottingham Trent University

Short Project Name: NTU

Programme Name: Repositories start-up and enhancement projects

Strand: SUE

JISC Project URI:

Project URI:

Start Date: 2007-03-01

End Date: 2008-03-30


Contact Name and Role:

Sue McKnight, David Lonjon, Project Director, Project Manager

Brief project description:

“Nottingham Trent University will develop a repository for the storage of a wide variety of materials, teaching and learning, research and institutional in an eclectic variety of formats integrated into a single search mechanism which addresses all the locations we store information. Essentially we want to build a location for anything and everything which will extend the body of knowledge held by the University for the benefit and extension of our members.”

Name of Trawler: John


(only visible public output is final report…)