Project – The Deposit Plait

Project Name: The Deposit Plait

Programme Name: Repositories and Preservation Programme

Strand: Information Environment

JISC Project URI:

Project URI: [None that I can find other than]

Start Date: 1st May 2008

End Date: 31st Dec 2008

Governance: RPAG

Contact Name and Role: Stuart Lewis, Project Manager

Brief project description:

“The 5 elements of the project aim to investigate:

  • Metadata requirements of repositories and service providers of deposited items
  • What metadata can be easily extracted from the deposited document, and if useful, whether a web service can be built to provide such metadata from a file
  • What metadata can be obtained from online metadata sources and personal bibliographic management software
  • Possibility of building a ‘Meta-API’ using the open document format web service and bibliographic data sources
  • What metadata needs to be verified or provided by the depositor

The initial element of the project will document the metadata needs of repositories and service providers (e.g. Intute Repository Search, OAIster, Google Scholar) from a deposit engine. Following that, three strands of a potential plait of data providers will be investigated to see which can provide each of the metadata needs identified. The investigations will focus on what systems and software could provide this information, what interfaces there are into these systems, what interfaces would be useful, and what services could be built upon the interfaces. The findings will be written up in a final report.”


Four reports –

  • Report 1: A report into the metadata requirements for repositories and service providers, aimed at facilitating the evaluation of the other work packages.
  • Report 2: A report detailing the findings of the investigation into metadata that is available from information stores.
  • Report 3: A report detailing the findings of the investigation into metadata that can be derived from a document.
  • Final report: A report pulling together the contents of the first three reports, and subsequent investigations into the possibility of a meta-API.

Outputs will not available until early 2009.