Project – SOAPI

Project Name: Service-Oriented Architecture for Preservation and Ingest of digital objects

Programme Name: Digital Preservation and Records Management Programme


JISC Project URI:

Project URI:

Start Date: 1st March 2007

End Date:30th September 2008


Contact Name and Role: Marke Hedges, Project Manager

Brief project description:

“The project will develop an architecture and toolkit for (partially) automating preservation and ingest workflows in digital repositories, based on a set of atomic web services, each encapsulating a unit of preservation functionality, combined with web-based forms when human input is required. A workflow orchestration tool will be used to combine these services and user input functions, creating workflows that minimise the need for human intervention.”


  • Production quality toolkit, based on this flexible and extensible architecture, that will allow repository managers to construct preservation workflows.
  • Speculative research, investigating the use of semantic annotation of web services to allow preservation services to be dynamically discovered and executed at run-time.