Project – Sherpa DP2

Programme Name: Digital Preservation and Records Management Programme


JISC Project URI:

Project URI:

Start Date: 1st March 2007

End Date: 31st March 2009


Contact Name and Role: Sheila Anderson, Project Director

Brief project description:

“The purpose of the project is to develop a full preservation environment capable of serving a range of diverse repositories and content types. It will extend the test-bed collaborative service developed for the SHERPA DP project, to consider a range of different repository archiving models.

As with the initial SHERPA DP project, the collaborative model will develop the relationship between a Content Provider and a Service Provider. The institutional repositories participating in the project will serve as Content Providers, undertaking activities associated with the acceptance and dissemination of digital data. The Arts & Humanities Data Service will serve as a Service Provider, performing activities associated with preservation management, addressing the diverse requirements of digital objects throughout their lifecycle. This will remove the requirement for each repository to employ scarce resources to the development and/or implementation of their own preservation layer.

The expansion of the preservation environment for such diverse range of institutional repositories will require an analysis of their operation, including the type of metadata they create and store, the workflow processes that they use, and other aspects. This will provide a rich set of reports that compare and contrast the operation of each repository. As a result of the investigation, the various aspects of the collaborative model will be reviewed and revised as necessary.

Furthermore, the project will expand upon the basic business model for Service Providers that was developed for SHERPA DP, by establishing an economic cost model that could be used to ensure the long-term sustainability of a distributed preservation service.”


  • Extend Sherpa DP OAIS-based distributed preservation model.
  • Investigate and develop tools to transform repository content (digital objects) as base64 encoded bitstreams for placing inside METS packages.
  • Investigate and assess other methods for connecting to digital repositories and downloading repository metadata and content.
  • Refine the Sherpa DP set of protocols and software in order to interact with institutional repositories using a wider range of repository software applications.
  • Amend, update and expand as appropriate the Digital Preservation User Guide produced by the original Sherpa DP project to take account of the outcomes and lessons of the Sherpa DP2 project.