Project – From Entry to ETHOS

Project Name: From Entry to ETHOS

Short Project Name: From Entry to ETHOS

Programme Name:  Repositories and Preservation

Strand: SUE

JISC Project URI

Project URI

Start Date: 1 September 2007

End Date:  31 December 2008

Governance: JISC IEE

Contact Name and Role:   Russell Burke and Catriona Cannon (Project Managers)

Brief project description:

The project will develop an e-theses repository, entirely compliant with EThOS and designed to support the easy deposit and ready exchange of data. The project will expand and enhance the EThOS Toolkit by addressing key institutional administrative questions.  It will explore in detail the entire process of submission and handling from examination entry form through to the upload of the final thesis. The project will chart the varied workflows of students, of examiners and of the Examinations Office, school offices and the Bibliographic Services team.

Name of Trawler: Mahendra Mahey

Outputs: (just link to individual output postings) as a bulleted list

  • Workflow models and workflow tools to support students, examiners and administrators through the tasks of creating, submitting, processing, describing and publishing e-theses
  • A model institutional policy for e-theses along with supporting procedures and forms
  • Guidance notes to support the implementation of an e-theses policy
  • An EThOS compliant repository that meets required standards in terms of format, structure, metadata and so on

Project – OpenDoar

Project Name: OpenDoar

Programme Name:Digital Repositories Programme 2005-7

Strand: Information Environment, e-Administration

JISC Project URI:

Project URI:

Start Date: 1st Jan 2005

End Date: 30th June 2006


Contact Name and Role: Bill Hubbard, Project Manager

Brief project description:

“OpenDOAR will categorise and list the wide variety of Open Access research archives that have grown up around the world. Such repositories have mushroomed over the last 2 years in response to calls by scholars and researchers worldwide to provide open access to research information.

OpenDOAR will provide a comprehensive and authoritative list of institutional and subject-based repositories, as well as archives set up by funding agencies – like the National Institutes for Health in the USA or the Wellcome Trust in the UK and Europe. Users of the service will be able to analyse repositories by location, type, the material they hold and other measures. This will be of use both to users wishing to find original research papers and for third-party “service providers”, like search engines or alert services, which need easy to use tools for developing tailored search services to suit specific user communities.”


  • Descriptive list of open access repositories of relevance to academic research.
  • Comprehensive & authoritative list for end users wishing to find particular types of, or specific repositories.
  • Comprehensive, structured and maintained list with clear update and self-regulation protocols to enable development of the list.
  • Crominent international role in the organisation of and access to open access repository services.
  • Supporting Open Access outreach and advocacy endeavours within institutions and globally.
  • Survey the growing field of academic open access research repositories and categorise them in terms of locale, content and other measures

Output – UHRA – Self Archiving Support Materials

Title: UHRA repository self-archiving support materials

Date Released: Unknown

URI for Output:

Summary of contents:

Contains useful information on the process of self-archiving including how the submission process works and issues such as copyright, rights and permissions.

Additional information:



Output – UHRA – Training Sessions

Title: UHRA repository self-archiving training sessions

Date Released: May to July 2008

URI for Output:

Summary of contents:

Evidence of delivery of training outputs. Materials not available

Additional information:


Output – UHRA – University of Hertfordshire Research Archive

Title: The University of Hertfordshire Research Archive

Date Released: Approx September 2007

URI for Output:

Summary of contents:

The main output from this project is the establishment of the University of Hertfordshire Research Archive. It is described as “.. a showcase of the research produced by the University of Hertfordshire staff (copyright permitting) which is freely available over the web” and ” .. provides a simple interface to enable researchers to self-archive the full text of their published work with just a few quick and easy steps.”

Additional information:


The archive/repository appears to be fully functional and contains 2556 items as at 30th January 2007.

Output – NECTAR: ALISS Case Study – scope/theses

Title:Gathering NECTAR at The University of Northampton

Pages: 3 and
Date Released: 2008

Summary of contents:
The Research Committee’s support shaped the scope of the repository and has helped secure mandatory deposit of research degrees.

“Members of the focus group [a subgroup of the University Research Committee] were primarily concerned about the quality of NECTAR content and it was decided that NECTAR should contain only items that had previously been made available in the public domain. So, published journal articles, exhibited artifacts and presented conference papers were acceptable; internal working papers and other unpublished work were not. Research degree theses (PhD and MPhil level) were to be included, but not undergraduate or taught Masters level dissertations.” p3

“We had had the support of Professor Hugh Matthews in our Steering Group from the very start. As Chair of the university’s Research Degrees Committee and Deputy Chair of the University Research Committee, Hugh gave us very useful influence in both groups. A proposal for the mandatory submission of electronic copies of research degree theses was accepted by the Research Degrees Committee in December 2007 and a proposal to ensure that all research outputs are included in NECTAR is scheduled for discussion in June 2008” p5

URI for Output:

Citation: [accepted version] Pickton, M. (2008) Gathering NECTAR at The University of Northampton. ALISS Quarterly. 3(4), pp. 33-38. 1747-9258.

This illustrates the type of backing that is helpful in securing mandated deposit for theses and marks Northampton as a UK institution with a mandate for the deposit of doctorates and related research degrees.

Project – UHRA

Project Name: University of Hertfordshire Research Archive (UHRA)

Programme Name: Repositories and Preservation

Strand: e-Research, e-Resources, Information Envirnonment

JISC Project URI:

Project URI:

Start Date: 1st April 2007

End Date: 31st March 2009

Governance: RPAG?

Contact Name and Role: Monica Rivers-Latham, Project Manager

Brief project description:

The University of Hertfordshire had previously made an institutional commitment to increasing open access to scholarly communications through the establishment of the UHRA,a institutional repository of research outputs. The University has agreed a mandatory policy for deposit of published research, subject to publishers’ policies and permissions, and for deposit of higher degree theses.

The next stage JISC funded UHRA project will build on this robust foundation to address the two critical requirements for a successful repository:

  • achieving substantial ‘critical mass’ repository content
  • embedding sustainable self-archiving operational arrangements and practice across the University


  • Establishment of UHRA repository. The UHRA project will provide all the building blocks for embedding a self sustaining research archive within the workflow processes of the University and its Research Institutes
  • Enhancement of public open access to University of Hertfordshire research outputs
  • Identify and evaluate good practice models for embedding self archiving and of current and emerging standard
  • Disseminate and demonstrate good practice models
  • Support the national development of repositories
  • Final report


The main output from the project is the establishment of the repository/archive which has been achieved.