Output – SAFIR: Policy – overview

Title: York Digital Library: Digital Library Policy

Pages: all
Date Released: 12 Feb 2009

URI for Output: https://vle.york.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/xid-324531_3

Summary of contents:
This document provides the policies of York Digital Library; the digital library has stated policies on:

  • Metadata
  • Code and documentation
  • Resources
  • Content [scope]
  • Submission
  • Rights
  • Preservation

York Digital Library has chosen to use Creative Commons (NC ND BY) licenses for its Metadata, documentation, and resources (where possible).


Although the sample policies are in themselves useful – covering things like takedown policy – the explicit use of Creative Commons for the work of the digital library team is worth noting both for its use and for the instituional view it indicates.

Output – SAFIR: Requirements Specification – Scenarios

Title: Digital Library Project (SAFIR): Requirements Specification

Pages: 14-15
Date Released: 07 March 2008

URI for Output: https://vle.york.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/xid-89716_3

Summary of contents:
Five scenarios are presented for the use of a mulitmedia repository.
Each is focused around a key type of use; they are:

  • finding image materials
  • sharing resources, advice and guidance
  • streaming
  • archival collections
  • video materials


The five scenarios are relevant to the growing knowledge/ innovation  base connected to the e-Framework.

Output – SAFIR: Requirements specifcation – overview

Title: Digital Library Project (SAFIR): Requirements Specification

Pages: all
Date Released: 07 March 2008

URI for Output: https://vle.york.ac.uk/bbcswebdav/xid-89716_3

Summary of contents:
The document presents a requirements specification for a digital library / multimedia repository and includes an overview of the methodology used to formulate it.

This requirements specification as a whole provides a useful point of reference for any institution considering the management of these types of materials.

Output – PRIMO -Working Multimedia Repository

Output Name: Output – PRIMO -Working Multimedia Repository

Title: Working Multimedia Repository

URI for Output: http://primo.sas.ac.uk/eprints/

Summary of contents: Working multimedia repository

Project – PRIMO

Practice-as-Research in Music Online

Short Project Name: PRIMO

Programme Name: Repositories and Preservation Programme

Strand: Matching funding for digital repository development

JISC Project URI:http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/reppres/sue/primo.aspx

Project URI: http://music.sas.ac.uk/research-projects/practice-as-research-online.html

Start Date: 2007-03-01

End Date: 2009-02-28

Governance: Repositories and preservation advisory group

Contact Name and Role: Prof Katharine Ellis, Project Manager

Brief project description:

Practice-based research in Music lacks an adequate infrastructure. Where traditional modes of dissemination, for musical scores and for text-based research, are well developed, there is no infrastructure suitable for research involving musical practice. Unless it is commercially viable enough to be marketed on disc or DVD, it remains ephemeral, and the research processes involved in production are not always apparent from the end result. PRIMO’s aim is to help redress that situation by providing researchers with a new kind of platform for sonic-based research which allows an insight into process, contextualises the end result, and opens up a new kind of dialogue among researchers.

Name of Trawler: Mahendra Mahey


  1. A working repository suitable for a medium-sized multimedia collection

Available at: http://primo.sas.ac.uk/eprints/

  1. A MCPS-PRS licence to cover all in-copyright music deposited in the repository
  2. Guidance on IPR issues and technical issues for depositors


  1. A new means of capturing and disseminating what was once an ephemeral event
  2. A new means for students to gain insights into a developing area of research that intersects with their daily creative practice
  3. New solutions to complex problems of intellectual property rights and management