Output – IncReASe: Final Report – research management

Title: IncReASe: Final Report

Page: 14, 21-22

Date Released: 30 April 2009
URI for Output: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/increase/increase_finalreportv1.pdf

Summary of contents:
All three universitiies particpating in WRRO have begun to examine Research management systems with differing results.
University of Sheffield have put their working group’s findings on hold pending more information about the REF but are investigating systems.
University of York is currently scoping a Research Information System (WRRO is likley to have a significant role)
University of Leeds has selected a system. Their RIS system “will [probably] become the primary ingest route for both metadata and full text”. As yet workflows and staffing (including any involvement of repository or library staff) for the metadata creation in this new system are unclear. As the source of metadata and primary point of contact with academic/ research staff this has the potential to greatly benefit the integration of WRRO into the publication process.

From the conlucions:
“Our discussion with researchers suggests that a comprehensive service – essentially, a publication database – is probably an easier sell than a pure “open access” repository (echoing the conclusions previously drawn by, for example, the TARIS project); its raison d’être is clearer and the possibility for providing services back to researchers in the form of full listings of research and detailed information on traffic to individual works, is increased. Currently, this is not the direction being taken by WRRO; rather, because other central services are likely to fulfil the publication database function, the emphasis remains on external dissemination of open access outputs.”
“Capturing grant and project data relevant to research outputs is likely to increase in importance; this data can help maximise the value of repository content for both research and administrative purposes.”

The RIS system at Leeds does of course also raise potential to difficulties for metadata quality.

All three institutions invovled in WRRO are actively moving towards some form of CRIS system; in all institutions this will impact significantly on the role and prominence of the repository. It is not clear how positive or negative this impact will be. What is clear is that for a institutional repositories covering the area of scholarly communicaitons CRIS systems are very likely to change what and how they operate.

Output – IESR – Latest Additions RSS feed

Title: IESR Latest Additions RSS feed

Date Released: Unknown

URI for Output: http://iesr.ac.uk/feeds/latestadditions.xml

Summary of contents:

Allows applications or users to subscribe to the 10 latest resources added to IESR.

Additional information:


Output – IESR – OpenURL Link-To Resolver

Title: IESR OpenURL Link-To Resolver

Date Released: Unknown

URI for Output: http://iesr.ac.uk/use/openurl/

Summary of contents:

“The IESR OpenURL ‘Link-To’ Resolver service provides retrieval of IESR XML records for single entities using Z39.88-2004, OpenURL Framework, syntax. Currently support for OpenURL syntax is limited allowing retrieval by identifier only using a Key/Encoded Value (KEV) request inline by HTTP. Values must be URL-encoded.”

Additional information:


Output – IESR – Registry m2m Interfaces (OAI-PMH, SRU/W and Z39.50)

Title: IESR Registry Machine to Machine Interfaces (OAI-PMH, SRU/W and Z39.50)

Date Released: Unknown

URI for Output:  http://iesr.ac.uk/use/oaipmh/, http://iesr.ac.uk/use/sru/http://iesr.ac.uk/use/z3950/

Summary of contents:

These outputs provide m2m interfaces for cross, meta- or federated search applications.

Additional information:


Output – MR CUTE – MR CUTE Software

Output Name: Output – MR CUTE – MR CUTE Software

Title: MR CUTE Software

Date Released: 31 March 2008

URI for Output: http://download.moodle.org/download.php/patches/mrcute.zip

Summary of contents: MR CUTE Plugin for Moodle, which includes user and admin documentation.

Additional information: It’s ESSENTIAL to implement the original IMS system first and make sure it’s working before installing the MrCute patch!


Output – CURVE – Final Report: Interoperabilty

Title: JISC Final Report – CURVE

Page: 8- 10

Summary of contents:
As a result of the project interoperability and / or integration between a number of systems at Coventry has been achieved/

These systems include:
p2 “the learning and teaching environment, library systems, the e-research environment and access/authentication systems”
“Proven integration of information systems: CUOnline, Talis List, Equella, Aleph across the institution.” p8

Interoperability with CV system:
“The task of linking to CUCV, the Coventry University research database of academic CVs, qualifications, publications and research activity did not prove to be a problem as it is a web-based product and it contains field entries both for DOI and URL which easily allow linking to both internal and external repositories. The real issue identified was the lack of appropriate reference types within CUCV to store outputs from the creative areas. ” [lack of reference types is discipline wide]

“There was also no problem in linking Curve to ResearchNet, the University’s web presence for research activity. We have chosen not to do this at the moment due to the concern about the potential harm caused by citation splitting referred to earlier.”

Demonstration of successful joining up of a multitude of institutional systems/ infrastructure with a repository.

Date Released: August 2008

URI for Output: http://cuba.coventry.ac.uk/curve/files/2008/10/curve_final_report.doc

Project – MR-CUTE

Project Name: Moodle Repository Create, Upload, Tag and Embed (MR-CUTE)

Programme Name: Repositories and Preservation Programme

Strand: Matching funding for digital repository development

JISC Project URI: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/programme_rep_pres/repositories_sue/mrcute.aspx

Project URI: http://www.wortech.ac.uk/mrcute

Start Date: 2007-10-01

End Date: 2008-03-30

Governance: Repositories and preservation advisory group

Contact Name and Role: Peter Kilcoyne, Project Manager

Brief project description: At present Moodle has a repository which does not have functionality for uploading and tagging resources. It is also not searchable. This project is designed to develop a repository module for Moodle that will allow, uploading, tagging, sharing and searching. As Moodle is fast becoming the most popular VLE in the FE sector as well as being increasingly used in the HE sector it is hoped this will have a significant impact in promoting sharing of resources in many institutions.

Name of Trawler: Mahendra Mahey

Output – SOURCE – Report on Search Demonstrator: OSID Proof of Concept

Title: Report on Search Demonstrator: OSID Proof of Concept

Date Released: 22nd March 2007

URI for Output: http://www.source.bbk.ac.uk/reports/SearchDemonstrator_OsidProofOfConcept_SOURCE_JISC (PDF file)

Summary of contents: Report describes a basic OSID implementation, focused on searching for assets that match a keyword. Integration was tested with VUE and HarvestRoad Hive Explorer repositories to validate the implementations.

Additonal information: Document describes the proof of concept with use of screen shots and description of the implementation. The output looks to be a potentially useful piece of multiple repository search and download software.

Comments: Document is labelled as draft. Software not available for download. Maybe it isn’t intended to be?

Project – The Deposit Plait

Project Name: The Deposit Plait

Programme Name: Repositories and Preservation Programme

Strand: Information Environment

JISC Project URI: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/reppres/interoperabilitydemos/depositplait.aspx

Project URI: [None that I can find other than http://cadair.aber.ac.uk/dspace/handle/2160/582]

Start Date: 1st May 2008

End Date: 31st Dec 2008

Governance: RPAG

Contact Name and Role: Stuart Lewis, Project Manager

Brief project description:

“The 5 elements of the project aim to investigate:

  • Metadata requirements of repositories and service providers of deposited items
  • What metadata can be easily extracted from the deposited document, and if useful, whether a web service can be built to provide such metadata from a file
  • What metadata can be obtained from online metadata sources and personal bibliographic management software
  • Possibility of building a ‘Meta-API’ using the open document format web service and bibliographic data sources
  • What metadata needs to be verified or provided by the depositor

The initial element of the project will document the metadata needs of repositories and service providers (e.g. Intute Repository Search, OAIster, Google Scholar) from a deposit engine. Following that, three strands of a potential plait of data providers will be investigated to see which can provide each of the metadata needs identified. The investigations will focus on what systems and software could provide this information, what interfaces there are into these systems, what interfaces would be useful, and what services could be built upon the interfaces. The findings will be written up in a final report.”


Four reports –

  • Report 1: A report into the metadata requirements for repositories and service providers, aimed at facilitating the evaluation of the other work packages.
  • Report 2: A report detailing the findings of the investigation into metadata that is available from information stores.
  • Report 3: A report detailing the findings of the investigation into metadata that can be derived from a document.
  • Final report: A report pulling together the contents of the first three reports, and subsequent investigations into the possibility of a meta-API.

Outputs will not available until early 2009.

Project – SOURCE

Project Name: SOURCE: Sharing Objects Under Repository Control with Everyone

Programme Name: Repositories and Preservation Programme

Strand: Information Environment

JISC Project URI: http://www.jisc.ac.uk/whatwedo/programmes/reppres/tools/source

Project URI: http://www.source.bbk.ac.uk/

Start Date: October 2006

End Date: October 2008

Governance: RPAG

Contact Name and Role: David Flanders, Project Manager

Brief project description:

“The primary aim of the SOURCE project is to create a standard and commonly used repository “plug” which will enable a bulk migration tool to “plug-in” and automatically transfer content from one repository to another … This project will therefore create two new tools to use with digital repositories.”

  • An interoperable ‘plug’ that will allow data to move in/out of the repository in a format that other repositories and services can immediately understand and will therefore enable a commonly understood method for access to the repository.
  • A bulk migration tool that can plug into the common repository plugs of two or more repositories and migrate content interchangeably from one repository to another.
  • Project Final Report