Project – KCL Committee Zone

Short Project Name: KCL Committee Zone

Programme Name: Repositories and Preservation Programme

Strand: Information Environment

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Project URI:
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Brief project description:

“Committee zone addresses a common issue across the higher education sector – how can vital, but extensive committee records, be effectively managed, stored, and made available?

The project will create an institutional and publicly available repository of College committee records, hosted on the web. The project will explore key technical questions; address practical issues about creating and uploading records and answer essential questions about managing security and confidentiality.”

Project plan

intended project outputs include:

  1. A live set of committee records
  2. An analysis (detailed workflow) of committee administrative procedures and practices
  3. ‘How to’ guides for uploading and publishing records
  4. Evaluation reports on key issues:
    1. File formats
    2. Metadata
    3. Vocabulary controls
    4. Risks (legal and security)
    5. Exit strategy
    6. Preservation
  5. Review of in-house and external preservation options
  6. Dissemination event
  7. Final report

project still in progress.

Start Date: August 2007
End Date: May 2008
Governance:Repositories and preservation advisory group
Contact Name and Role: Jan Booth Project Manager
Name of Trawler: John