Output – SOURCE – Report on Search Demonstrator: OSID Proof of Concept

Title: Report on Search Demonstrator: OSID Proof of Concept

Date Released: 22nd March 2007

URI for Output: http://www.source.bbk.ac.uk/reports/SearchDemonstrator_OsidProofOfConcept_SOURCE_JISC (PDF file)

Summary of contents: Report describes a basic OSID implementation, focused on searching for assets that match a keyword. Integration was tested with VUE and HarvestRoad Hive Explorer repositories to validate the implementations.

Additonal information: Document describes the proof of concept with use of screen shots and description of the implementation. The output looks to be a potentially useful piece of multiple repository search and download software.

Comments: Document is labelled as draft. Software not available for download. Maybe it isn’t intended to be?

Output – SOURCE – Bulk Migration Tool and Service

Title: Bulk Migration Tool and Service

Date Released: Unknown

URI for Output: http://www.source.bbk.ac.uk/code/

Summary of contents: A bulk migration tool that can plug into the common repository plugs of two or more repositories and migrate content interchangeably from one repository to another.

Additonal information: The current version is a java Alpha build available as a zip file from http://www.source.bbk.ac.uk/code/BulkMigrationDemonstrator_ProofOfConcept_AlphaBuild. It require a username and password to download with no information on how to get this.

Output – DISC-UK – Datashare – DISC-UK DataShare: State-of-the-Art Review

Output Name: Output – DISC-UK – Datashare – DISC-UK DataShare: State-of-the-Art Review

Title: DISC-UK DataShare: State-of-the-Art Review
Number of pages or page numbers: 28

Date Released:31 August 2007

URI for Output: http://www.disc-uk.org/docs/state-of-the-art-review.pdf

Summary of contents:

This Review has been undertaken to provide background information to inform the work of DataShare, to summarise and consolidate recent research and current policy relating to data sharing, and to identify knowledge gaps that may need to be addressed during the course of the project. It is also intended to inform the wider community, particularly librarians, of the current state-of-play.


Output – SWORD – Website/Wiki

Title: SWORD website/wiki

Date Released: November 2007.   Website development ongoing as part of the SWORD2 project.

URI for Output: http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/repositories/digirep/index/SWORD

Summary of contents: The website gives extensive information on all aspects of the SWORD project. Much of the website content is detailed by output on this synthesis blog under the ‘SWORD’ category.

Output – SWORD – Case Studies

Title: SWORD case studies

Date Released: November 2007 to July 2008

URI for Output: http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/repositories/digirep/index/SWORD_case_studies

Summary of contents: Four case studies were commissioned to demonstrate the requirement for and use of the SWORD profile for deposit.

Additonal information:

Case study 1 : arXiv

Abstract: “The arXiv e-print archive (http://arxiv.org/) has for many years used an ad-hoc automated upload interface to accept submissions from proxies (overlay and other journals also posting open-access copies of articles to arXiv) and from our remote submission site in France (HAL, http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/). In collaboration with Microsoft, we are working to produce a new interface to allow automated upload of conference articles from the popular Conference Management Toolkit site (CMT, http://cmt.research.microsoft.com/cmt/). We are implementing the SWORD profile of Atom at arXiv to facilitate these uploads.”

Case study 2 : SOURCE

Information at http://flickr.com/photos/dff1978/1533681354/

Case study 3 : SPECTRa

The SPECTRa web application allows for the quick and easy deposition of chemistry data in a range of formats. The original implementation works against the DSpace Lightweight Network interface, since the SWORD did not exist at the time SPECTRa was developed. This is a limitation, since the installed base of the DSpace LNI is extremely small. To ameliorate this limitation, the function of deposit is performed through a plugin mechanism, whereby plugins can be developed for other deposit protocols. A SWORD plugin for SPECTRa will help to achieve two main goals: –

1) Increase the utility of SPECTRa to the mainstream of DSpace installations

2) Allow use of SPECTRa with a range of repository softwares.

Case study 4 : White Rose Research Online

Outlines automatic deposit in a funder-mandated repository from a local repository. Case study outlines:

1. Implementing the EPrints SWORD package on the White Rose server.
2. Proof of concept of export/import between two development repositories.
3. Workflow modelling.

Output – SWORD – Intrallect Demonstrator

Title: Intrallect SWORD Demonstrator

Date Released: November 2007

URI for Output: http://www.ukoln.ac.uk/repositories/digirep/index/Intrallect_development

Summary of contents: The output provides details about the Intrallect implementation of the SWORD interface in its Learning Object Repository system, intraLibrary. Each development story is referenced by ID and Title. There is a full list of acceptance tests for each story. Narrative descriptions of each story may be added later.

Output – SWORD – Code Libraries

Title: SWORD code libraries

Date Released: 5th to 15th November 2007

URI for Output: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=208296

Summary of contents: Code for implementing SWORD in DSpace, Fedora and EPrints is available from the Sourceforge project page, along with Java Libraries and the reference client code.

Additonal information: EPrints code is also available from http://files.eprints.org/305/

Output – SWORD – Final Report

Title: SWORD Final Report
Number of pages or page numbers:

Date Released: Due 31st Nov 2008

URI for Output:

Summary of contents:

Additonal information:

Output – SWORD – Desktop Client Demonstrator

Title: SWORD Desktop Client Demonstrator

Date Released: 31-08-2008

URI for Output: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=208296

Summary of contents:

The application contains a demonstration client for the SWORD (Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit) project. The client is designed to test connections to digital repositories that support the SWORD Protocol.

The SWORD Protocol uses a subset of the Atom Publishing Protocol and the Atom Protocol to query a set of deposit services that are available from a repository and to submit (post) files to the repository.


The SWORD Client is a Java application. It requires Java 1.5. .

Client Modes:

The client supports two modes:

  • Command Line – This is a version that runs as a command line tool, with options to control each of the main functions to access service documents and post files to a repository.
  • GUI – This is a window based version. This is the default mode if no option is specified to run in command line mode.

Output – SWORD – Online Demonstrator

Title: SWORD Online Demonstrator

Date Released: 31-08-2008

URI for Output: http://sword.aber.ac.uk/sword/client

Summary of contents: A SWORD demonstration client which can be used to test implementations within the SWORD project and are freely available for wider use.