Output – IncReASe: Final Report – repository growth

Title: IncReASe: Final Report

Page: 20

Date Released: 30 April 2009
URI for Output: http://eprints.whiterose.ac.uk/increase/increase_finalreportv1.pdf

Summary of contents:
The project had various intended outcomes. One of which was to double in size over the course of the project.

“At the original start date for the project (April 07), the repository held somewhere over 1,600 items. Taking this as the baseline, we have exceeded our target. However, as we delayed the official project start date toallow for staff recruitment, if we take our figure from July 07, we have fallen slightly short but will meet the target approximately 1 month post-project. As can be seen from the graph, the growth rate has been much stronger inthe latter half of the project.”

The project has not met it’s related goal of capturing 20% of the consortium’s reserch outputs but “progress has been made”
“Across the partnership, we estimate nine-ten thousand items falling within repository scope are produced per annum. Eventually, we need to be ingesting / be capable of ingesting over 200 new items each week; this excludes the “mountain” of legacy metadata and publications which could potentially be added to WRRO.”

At least 80% full text percentage:
“This target has been met. For the majority of its life, WRRO has had a high proportion of full text records (90- 95%). At the close of the project, approximately 82% of items have a local full text openly accessible copy of the research outputs; an additional 5% or so link to a full text open access works outside the repository. The proportion of metadata only records is increasing because of the addition of the University of York’s RAE data and other bulk imports. It is anticipated that the proportion of full text items will fall to 60% for a short time but that the proportion of full text will then start to recover.”


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