Output – CAIRO: Tools survey

Title: Cairo tools survey: a survey of tools applicable to the preparation of digital archives for ingest into a preservation repository

Pages: all
Date Released:21 May 2007

Summary of contents:
“The purpose of this tool review is to identify a set of ingest and metadatarelated applications, tools or code that could form the components of the overall Cairo tool package.”p5

This document contains an overview of 54 tools that the project has indentified that have functionality relevant to ingest of personal digital archives for curation and preservation.

Crtieria for inclusion on this list is:
“General criteria for the survey include applications and tools that:

  1. are available now;
  2. are available for public re-use;
  3. may be open source, ‘free to use’ or commercially available;
  4. extract or generate some form of metadata from or about a file object or
  5. objects;
  6. operate on a variety of computing platforms;
  7. have some basic information about them available.”p3

URI for Output: http://cairo.paradigm.ac.uk/projectdocs/cairo_tools_listing_pv1.pdf


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