Output – Life2 – Final Report – Section 5 (British Library Newspapers Case Study)

Output Name: Output – Life2 – Final Report – Section 5

Title: British Library Newspapers Case Study
Number of pages or page numbers: pages 75-99

Date Released: 22/08/08

URI for Output: http://eprints.ucl.ac.uk/11758/1/11758.pdf

Summary of contents: Interesting output looking at the issues of legal deposit for newspapers, comparing analogue to digital collections.  Looks at the Burney Collection (static collection) and legal deposit of newspapers (dynamic).  Talks about ingest issues from Microfilm (page 87).  It carries out a comparison of the process, including differences in preserving digital vs analogue collections.  It’s conclusion on page 99 is relevant:

The aim of this Case Study was to see whether the lifecycle cost of analogue objects could be
identified and mapped against that of digital collections and this has been done. It was not a
Case Study to determine which method is cheaper or more expensive, although a by-product
of the research is that it is possible to see the results of the costs side by side.
The only clarification that the LIFE team think is important to make is that the creation cost
for digital material has had a major impact on the total lifecycle cost of a digital entity. For
analogue materials, because of the legal deposit situation, no creation costs are counted, but
the team knows that there are of course creation costs incurred in other areas outside the
institutional responsibility outlined here.
So for final costing purposes, the team feels that the most realistic comparison would be the
digital object cost minus creation cost versus the equivalent analogue object cost

A comparison of the costs:

Digital = £3.60

Analogue = £4.60

Per item.

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