Output – CURVE – Final Report:FE to HE transition and repositories

Title: JISC Final Report – CURVE


Summary of contents:
Discussing part of the project examining the
“development of the student experience and repository resources to support a more seamless progression from FE to HE from a student perspective.

The main repository resources that were considered as beneficial following a consultation exercise were:

  • A lecturers’ web where CU lecturers express their academic expectations of students joining CU courses of study. In conjunction with this an area where Warwickshire College lecturers outline their academic expectations and levels of support offered to students on WC courses.
  • A student web where first year students from CU outline their experiences at joining University course and how this differs from their experiences at Warwickshire College (there is an ideal opportunity to identify these differences with students on the Foundation Degree Motorsports course, the majority of whom continue with CU for a full degree)
  • A generic student web outlining the key elements of living and studying at Coventry University and how they differ from the Warwickshire College experiences.”

This outlines some of the key tools and functions that the project has found to support the first year transition from FE to HE. It is of note that none of these are core repository functions and frankly likely to be much better supported by other platforms. It is of course true that such web sites and other resources could (and for completeness possibly should) be catalogued and recorded in the repository, but if the repository is being pitched as a way to discover or manage these resources (which all appear to be critical student induction resources) I think there’s a problem with how we’re understanding the place of a repository.

I think this is illustrates the importance of the balance between repositories and other tools thinking not just in terms of their capabilities but how they fit into teaching practice. Conversely it illustrates that though there may be benefits to having all the information in a single place – this is not in itself an automatic benefit.

Date Released: August 2008

URI for Output: http://cuba.coventry.ac.uk/curve/files/2008/10/curve_final_report.doc

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