Output – RIOJA – Survey: who pays?

Title: RIOJA (Repository Interface to Journal Archives): results from an online questionnaire survey

Page: 33
Summary of contents:
The 683 astrophysics researchers responding to the survey were asked about paying for the costs associated with running an overlay journal.

“When asked where the funding to meet those costs should come from, the respondents preferred to select research funders (485 people, 71% of base=683), library subscriptions (432 people, 63%) and sponsorship, for example by a Learned Society (350 people, 51%). A model requiring an author to pay from research funds either on acceptance (218 people) or on submission (47 people) of a paper was endorsed. Other sources mentioned in comments included: personal donations, professional association contributions, commercial and/or not-for-profit organisations, advertisements, subscriptions and even models of having authors pay partially on submission and partially acceptance. Although the general trend picked out research funders, responses from different subject groups tended to pick out library subscriptions (Table 9).”

This survey provides an indication of how a number of researchers feel journals/ innovations in scholarly communication should be funded (corresponding infrastructure costs are presumably part of this general cost).

Date Released: February 2008

URI for Output: http://eprints.ucl.ac.uk/5102/1/RIOJA_questionnaire_survey_report_final.pdf

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