Output – SNEEP – Social Networking Plugins for Eprints

Title: SNEEP Eprints repository plugins

Date Released: 29th May 2008

URI for Output: http://sneep.ulcc.ac.uk/eprints/view/subjects/modules.html

Summary of contents: The SNEEP plugins add ‘key’ Web 2.0 features to the EPrints repository software. They were developed in response to recommendations by Franklin and van Harmelen that institutional repositories can be made more accessible for learning and teaching through the use of Web 2.0 technologies.

There are four plugins available to add the facility for comments, bookmarks, tags and notes which are also available as a suite.

Additional information: Requires EPrints 3.x version. A “very manual install” process is required for the beta release. An install script may exist in the future.

Comments: I created SNEEP demo repository account for myself to test the plugins. I successfully added tags, comments and notes to the ‘Aurora Leigh’ test item at http://sneep.ulcc.ac.uk/eprints/3/. The bookmarks feature returned an error. The functionality was straightforward and quick to use.

Benefits: Web 2.0 functionality may increase motivation for deposit. RSS and Atom may help embedding.

Roles: RSS and Atom may increase the availability of info for collation and be used to increase visibility.

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