Output – SNEEP – Demonstration EPrints Repository for testing social networking plugins

Title: Demonstration EPrints Repository for testing the SNEEP social networking plugins

Date Released: November 2007

URI for Output: http://sneep.ulcc.ac.uk/eprints/

Summary of contents: The demo repository has three purposes:

  • To provide a default, generic, vanilla Eprints install to test out SNEEP install scripts.
  • To demonstrate how the SNEEP components work with EPrints.
  • To provide a download for SNEEP plugins.

The repository demonstrates the four SNEEP plugins that add the facility for comments, bookmarks, tags and notes.

Additional information:

Comments: I created SNEEP demo repository account for myself to test the repository and plugins. I successfully added tags, comments and notes to the ‘Aurora Leigh’ test item at http://sneep.ulcc.ac.uk/eprints/3/. The bookmarks feature returned an error. The functionality was straightforward and quick to use.

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