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Title: RIOJA Project Software Products

Page: web page with related files

Summary of contents: the page points to downloads for ‘modified software packages to start journals based on existing repositories, and to start new API-enabled ePrints-based repositories.’

The software is a modified version of OJS journal system (2.1.1). Modifications include:
‘ * Quick validated submission of papers using existing repository IDs
* Keyword-based matching system to speed assignment of referees and editors
* Continuous publication, using links to accepted versions of the paper hosted on the repository.
* Removal of parts not needed in an overlay journal (print publication, etc) ‘

The software retains OJS’ OAI functionality. As it stands the software can be used with the Arxiv repository or any modified ePrints installation (a modified version of ePrints 3 is also available for download).

Sample journals based on the software is linked: http://arxivjournal.org/ . Of the journals on this page the first two are linked explicitly to the project – cosmology continous and cosmology issued. Cosmology continous has a current issue (from July 2008) none of the other pages associated with these journals have any content. The other four journals seem to be experimental only either having no content or being labelled for developers and requiring a login.

There are a number of outstanding bugs noted.

A model of software development that relies upon releasing modified versions of software both for data provider and overlay journal is probably going to struggle to be sustained and adopted.
From what I can tell RIOJA has demonstrated the concept of an overlay journal in this field well but unless their work makes it into core releases of the software they’re adopting (an issue not discussed here) their work will remain as proof of concept.

The issues encountered in this software development are relevant to any infrastructure project developing or heavily moddifying software.

Date Released: 2008

URI for Output: http://arxivjournal.org/rioja/

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