Output – Lirolem – Completion Report: software and tools

Title: LIROLEM Completion Report


Page: 1 and 3

Summary of contents:
‘We installed e-prints and although we have not been able to develop a seamless interaction with Blackboard as we originally intended we have developed a wiki space in Blackboard for students to collaborate on the production of materials for deposit in the repository. This is an area which we feel needs much more community effort and focus. We are aware of the SWORD Project but as most HE institutions have VLEs and IRs, there needs to be greater effort spent on integrating the two.’p1

‘We have integrated social bookmarking into the IR, using ‘Add This’.’p3

Lirolem highlights the ongoing disjunction between VLE’s and repositories and that their integration has not adequately been addressed.

However, their integration with bookmarking tools is a good example of joining up formal and informal services and supporting users in integrating information from repositories into other tools and making it more visible

Date Released: unknown, March April 2008 likely

URI for Output: http://learninglab.lincoln.ac.uk/wiki/images/c/ca/Completion_Report.pdf

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