Project – Lirolem

Lincoln Repository of Learning Materials

Short Project Name: Lirolem

Programme Name: Repositories and Preservation Programme

Strand: Matching funding for digital repository development /SUE

Brief project description:

‘The University of Lincoln is developing a repository in which research outputs, exemplars of student outputs in non text based disciplines, and teaching materials, including copyright cleared digitised texts will be stored. […]

The primary aim of the project is to lay the groundwork for the establishment of an institutional repository that will support a wide variety of non textual materials, e.g. digital animations of 3-D models, architectural documentation such as technical briefings and photographs, as well as supporting text based materials. By ‘groundwork’ we mean an infrastructure that includes both software and supporting documentation including a service definition, setting out what the repository will offer users, a model of content organisation which will set out how material will be organised within the repository (for example, where an object in the repository consists of multiple parts, how these parts link to each other), and a specification describing how object metadata will be created.

More specifically the objectives of the project are to test the suitability of existing repository software, (such as e-prints) as a medium to store multimedia products, and to make such a repository publicly available, to document the four principal business processes associated with the repository, (depositing, cataloguing, searching, and retrieval), promote awareness and encourage use of the repository among academic colleagues, initially in the School of Architecture, and to provide training and documentation for users.’

JISC Project URI:

Project URI: original site dead – content moved onto (multipurpose) wiki see:

Start Date: 2007-04-01

End Date: 2008-03-31


Contact Name and Role: Julian Beckton (Project Manager)

Name of Trawler: John

Available Outputs:


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