Output – NTU: IRep for NTU – Final Report: Implementation

Title: IRep for NTU – Final Report

Number of pages or page numbers: 6-11, 14-15, 19, 27

Section: Implementation, Outputs and Results, Appendix B – Statistics

Date Released: 18/07/2008

URI for Output: http://www.ntu.ac.uk/irep/63815.doc

Summary of contents:

Report outlines a system specification identifying required standards and features for their needs (P6,7)
There is a careful delineation of technical processes of system deployment (P9-11)

NTU outline of a variety of identified types of material to be managed and creation of a functional grouping into collections (P7,8):

  • Research and Scholarly Collection
  • Learning and Teaching Collection
  • Corporate Collection

Each of these collections required different workflows, administrative processes, and had different owners (p14-15).

The Research and Scholarly Collection ‘is the most significant and contained at the launch over 9500 records ingested from the University’s Research Publications Database.’ Many not full text though. (p19)

There are less than 25 asssets in each of the other collections (p27) [!]

There are 990 full text items – however 933 of these are for ‘Web files (.html; .php, et al) [Note – current policy is to link to remote files in such cases rather than store local copies of web files)’ (p27)


NTU’s careful recording has provided a useful checklist of issues to consider when selecting a repository system and preparing to install it.

The careful policy development around the different collections highlights differing requirements of different content types.

Many problems with non research materials will not really have surfaced given numbers.

Full text non remote (i.e. ingested, not available elsewhere, stored by IR) = 57 files
It is not clear who holds these links… if many of these are to publisher sites, how the question of how the IR is better than the existing research database- may not be clear form the project as it stood at the point of reporting.

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