Output – NTU: IRep for NTU – Final Report: – Institutional Context

Title: IRep for NTU – Final Report

Number of pages or page numbers: 4, 5

Section: Background, Methodology

Date Released: 18/07/2008

URI for Output: http://www.ntu.ac.uk/irep/63815.doc

Summary of contents:

P4. Project arose out of identified need to have a digital asset management system.
‘We identified that digital assets such as theses, published papers, pre- and post-prints, and other e-scholarly works:

• Can be difficult to find;
• Duplicated across the University;
• Stored in an ad-hoc manner;
• Not compliant with copyright requirements;
• Deficient in appropriate metadata and open standards/access requirements;
• Under-exposed or not exposed at all;
• Cannot be searched via a single search engine;
• Cannot be ingested into a centrally management system.’

P5 NTU ‘created six workstreams (Procurement, Content, Technical, Business Processes, Communication & Training) … While the procurement process remained with the senior member of the Libraries and Learning Resources (LLR) department and was completed fairly early in the life cycle of the project, the other workstreams were a collaboration between LLR and other departments … LLR has well established close links with the University’s central Information Technology (IT) department (Information Systems) which supported with the technical and implementation process of the project. University’s Educational Development Unit and the academic schools and departments provided input and support on the content aspect. The teams of specialists within LLR would manage the workflows associated with content ingest ongoing maintenance of the repository, including the application of appropriate metadata standards.’


Project background provides example reasons why a repository can assist.

Processes developed collaboratively to account for stakeholders skills and differing internal and external needs.

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