Output – NTU: IRep for NTU – Final Report: Copyright and Intellectual Property management

Title: IRep for NTU – Final Report

Pages: 12-13

Section: Copyright and Intellectual Property management

Date Released: 18/07/2008

URI for Output: http://www.ntu.ac.uk/irep/63815.doc

Summary of contents:

NTU produced an evaluation of current IPR practice in the university and reviewed the possible use of Creative Commons licensing. It notes differences in practice between research and teaching materials within the institution. [The evaluation of the CC licenses is interesting (and has been done extensively in other projects (rightscom’s project for Jisc legal)) but the implications for the university may be of wider use:]
‘Creative Commons licences – Consequences for the University if proposal adopted
• All University materials containing third party content that are selected for deposit in the IRep would need to be checked carefully to ensure that is permissible to licence that content using Creative Commons.
• University created materials that contain third party content licensed under the Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share alike (by-nc-sa) licence would also need to be licensed under the same licence.
• The two University copyright policies, the Copyright in Learning and Teaching Materials and the Intellectual Property policy, would both need amending to reflect this change in policy.
• As the licences are non-exclusive the University would be able to licence commercial use of the materials if desired if either of the two most restrictive licences were used.’

I think, the findings for the university point to the following issues:

  • Significant IPR clearing workload
  • Non-trivial need to change policies
  • Concerns over potential impact on commercialization
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