Output – INSPECT: Framework for the definition of significant properties – content types

Title: Framework for the definition of significant properties

Number of pages or page numbers: page18-43

Section: 3. Initial analysis of file types

Date Released: 05/02/2008

URI for Output: http://www.significantproperties.org.uk/documents/wp33-propertiesreport-v1.pdf

Summary of contents:

This substantive section of the report considers the application of the significant properties framework to four file types – Structured text (p18-23); Email(p24-35) ; Digital audio (p36-43); and Raster Images(p44-45).

The sections on structured text, email, and digital audio provide visual maps of properties to the significant properties framework. (as detailed https://rrtsynthesis.wordpress.com/2008/09/30/output-inspect-framework-for-the-definition-of-significant-properties-purpose/)

Significant properties are listed in detail for Email and Digital Audio

It is not clear if the section on raster images is complete.


This is a valuable piece of work but appears incomplete; its use in any synthesis will be at the level of knowing it exsits and has been carried out – any use of this requires detailed engagement with the base document.

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