Ouptut – DExT – APPENDIX 6: DDI-DExT Tools Project – Technical Report

Output Name: Output – DEXT – APPENDIX 6: DDI-DExT Tools Project – Technical Report

Title: APPENDIX 6: DDI-DExT Tools Project – Technical Report
Number of pages or page numbers: 13 pages

Date Released: 25 April 2008

URI for Output: http://www.data-archive.ac.uk/dext/reports/ODaF_Report.doc

Summary of contents:

The DDI-DExT Tools project’s primary objective was to produced a utility software for the conversion of statistical data files into an archive neutral format for long term preservation along with the option to re-package the data for dissemination to end users for use with various statistical packages. This initial effort was intended as a “proof-of-concept” tool to demonstrate the feasibility and sustainability of such approach. The development was conducted from June 2007 to February 2008 as a collaborative effort between the UK Data Archive (UKDA) and the Open Data Foundation (ODaF). This document summarizes the technical aspects and activities of the project. Conclusion is on page 13-14.

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