Output – DISC-UK – Datashare – Technology

Output Name: Output – DISC-UK – Datashare – Technology

Title: DISC-UK – Datashare – Technology
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These are not as yet available from the project website

• Customisation code for DSpace, EPrints, Fedora – shared with OSS communities
• Deliverable on linking eprints with datasets in context of individual IR (DSpace)
• Deliverable on use of DDI metadata schema within individual IR (EPrints)
• Deliverable on Shibboleth access to data in individual IR (Eprints)
• Deliverable on a data content model (Fedora)
• Deliverable on interoperability with UKDA
• Deliverable on documented exemplars for Web 2.0 data sites
• Technology watch bookmarks and RSS feeds on Bluedot social bookmarking site

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