Ouput – Datashare – Institutional Repository Development

Output Name: Output – Datashare – Institutional Repository Development

Title: Institutional Repository Development
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Date Released:

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Summary of contents:

  • State of the Art Review – available as seperate output
The rest of the outputs are not as at available
  • ‘Backdoor’ data surveys/ partial audits at each institution (info gathering exercise to identify potential depositors, may or may not include actual survey of staff or interview questions)
  • Local publicity (e.g. newsletter articles, flyers)
  • Policy documents (defining scope of data repository; copyright policies; depositor agreement forms, etc)
  • Depositor guidelines
  • Job specifications for new staff
  • Reports on TRAC or DRAMBORA methodology used by each site to measure progress toward trusted repository status (facilitated by consultant)
  • Develop repository workflow model for deposit of exemplar datasets

Additonal information:

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