Output – EMLoader – middleware for batch upload of bibliographic metadata

Output Name: Output – EM-Loader – middleware for batch upload of bibliographic metadata

Title: EM-Loader – Middleware for batch upload of bibliographic metadata
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Date Released: Possibly February 2009

URI for Output: Not available as yet

Summary of contents:Mmiddleware that enables easier deposit of research papers through batch upload of extant bibliographic metadata.  Using a web service approach and m2m interfaces such as Deposit API / SWORD, this middleware facility will show proof of concept at an early stage by connecting two existing services: the Depot, a UK repository for researchers who do not have other provision, and PublicationsList.org, a web site for researchers to build a web page listing their publications. The latter has existing functionality for batch import of bibliographic metadata for a (personal) publications list – from a variety of online sources such as PubMed, Web of Science, and for the same for personal databases, such as EndNote, Reference Manager, BibTeX etc.

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