OUTPUT – AIDA – Self Assessment Toolkit

Output Name: Output – Assessing Institutional Digital Assets- Self Assessment Toolkit

Title: Self Assessment Toolkit
Number of pages or page numbers: 46 pages

Date Released: Final version released after revisions – 02 July 2008

URI for Output: http://aida.jiscinvolve.org/files/2008/07/self_assessment_toolkit.doc

Scorecard: http://aida.jiscinvolve.org/files/2008/07/assessment_scorecard.doc

Summary of contents:

The AIDA self Assessment Toolkit is a toolkit to enable an institution to perform self-assessment of its capacity, state of readiness, and overall capability for digital asset management.

The toolkit is structured as a set of simple elements, each one describing an aspect of digital asset management. Each element is positioned on one of five Stages, indicating a stage of maturity or development. Stage 1 is the least developed, Stage 5 is the most developed. Each stage is outlined with a short and very general description, backed up with additional indicators and exemplars.

Additonal information:

These Five Stages (Acknowledge, Act, Consolidate, Institutionalise and Externalise). and the Three Legs are based on the Cornell University maturity model, originally designed to assess an Institution’s readiness for digital preservation. The AIDA project has adapted the Cornell model to apply to digital asset management. The attached Appendix contains further characterisation of the Five Stages.


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