Ouput – Data Audit Framework and related pilots – 4 funded pilots

Output Name: Output – Data Audit Framework and related pilots- 4 funded pilots

Title: Data Audit Framework and related pilots- 4 funded pilots (University College London, Imperial College London, University of Edinburgh, and King’s College London)
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URI for Output:  (Original Bid)http://www.jisc.ac.uk/media/documents/programmes/digitalrepositories/gu_dataauditframebid_sross_public.pdf

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Following and building upon the work undertaken with the development of the DRAMBORA methodology for repository assessment the project will develop and provide examples for a Data Audit Framework (DAF) adapted to the current needs of data curation activities in higher education institutions. The project seeks to develop a general solution but also to highlight the differences created by variations across field of research and organisations through case studies. It will provide scenarios to respond to these variations. Adopting a reflective outlook that takes its influence from data audit within a range of domains and disciplines, and that is at all times informed by the expectations and requirements of key stakeholders, the project will iteratively develop and subsequently validate its audit framework throughout a series of pilot assessments in a range of representative HE environments.

The project will distribute a software tool intended to support and facilitate data audit and incorporating a registry component intended for recording the results of data audits based on the framework—this will provide a powerful mechanism to enable institutions to know what data they have and where it is, as well as for the UK to create a national perspective of our research data assets.

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