Project – Data Audit Framework and related pilots

Data Audit Framework Pilot Projects

Short Project Name: Data Audit Framework Pilot Projects

Programme Name: Digital Repositories programme 2007-2008


JISC Project URI:

Project URI: no URL

Start Date: 01/03/2008

End Date: 01/10/2008

Governance: Integrated Information Environment Committee (JIIE)

Contact Name and Role: Martin Moyle, Fereshteh Afshari, Robin Rice, Sheila Anderson, Project Mangers of each pilot

Brief project description: Exemplar Implementations of the Data Audit Framework, which will implement a version of the “Data Audit Framework” methodology” developed elsewhere – each implementation of the methodology should result in information that can be collected centrally and where appropriate shared via a resource also to be created by the Data Audit Framework project.

Name of Trawler: Mahendra Mahey

Output: Report

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